Z SoccerChic9: another day
Sunday, October 29, 2006
So.....starting Wednesday night I was on a media/internet/phone fast. The goal was for me to cut out all the extra junk in my life so that I could hear God and spend time with Him. I must say, by cutting all the extra's out of my days I realized how much I waste time on these things. So, Friday night I decided to go to this College and Career group....I met some really cool people, and hung out till after 12:30 (I think that's a good sign). I also am going to be playing indoor soccer with these people on a league, which should be a fantabulous workout, to say the least. Last night I decided to head out to Living Worship and support my peeps - and they convinced me to spend the night. Thankfully Julie and her family were nice enough to give me pj's, a sleeping bag, and toothpaste....along with breakfast and stuff.

So yes, a fabulous weekend, some great talks with people I haven't talked to in way to long.

There are cops all over my road, a whole lot of them, and they barely let me go to my house without basically following me to my door. I want to know what happened, but they aren't very friendly - I suppose I could see if they will let me go past the signs and see what happened, though I highly doubt it.


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