Z SoccerChic9: March 2008
Monday, March 17, 2008

All that is needed for evil to triumph, is for good people to do nothing.

We live in a broken world, of which I am constantly reminded. I think it is God's way of reminded us that this is just a temporary place. In the past six months I have started working for an international human rights organization. This job has exposed me to what I would consider the face of evil in this world. That might seem like extreme language, but the stories that I have heard, the people I have seen affected by this has just brought me face-to-face with the stark reality of evil.

So often we are overexposed to evil in the world. Statistics such as, there are 27 million people in bonded slavery today, really doesn't mean much to us - it's just a large number, overwhelming if we actually stop to think about it. I think it's not until we know about "the one" story of such a case, that we are able to really put a face to the numbers, and start to realize what statistics really mean.

I suppose this post may turn into a controversial issue...you see I was in Toronto a few weekends ago as part of my job. At the conference I was attending, I met some very wonderful people who are involved in human rights. These people are passionate individuals who are sacrificing their lives, talents, and time in order to fight the injustices or issues that they see as problems in our world in a very real and practical way.

If I was honest with you, I would tell you that it is hard for me sometimes to not get very upset with people who don't seem to care about the Darfur's and Rwanda's of our world - especially when these people are in the church. It's hard for me to not preach a judgement and condemnation session to people, in order to guilt them into reacting to what I am telling them. It takes a lot of biting of my tongue, to realize that I can't expect everyone to have the same burden as me, and I can't guilt people into a response.

For instance, there are times, when people start to tell me a story of an injustice, and i just want to scream "Stop, don't tell me," because I know what they say will forever impact my life, and I know after hearing it, I cannot be silent or stand idly by. I feel I cannot call myself a Christian, and turn a blind eye to this injustice.

You see, when I hear stories like Darci, who at 11 year's old was lied to, trafficking into a brothel, and for $200 her virginity was sold, and not only that, but this innocent girl who had never been kissed was raped 6 times that first night - and when she cried out in pain they taped her mouth shut.

When I hear of the little girl who was kidnapped from Korea, her arms and legs cut off by the gang members in order to keep her from escaping, and create a poor and helpless look for street begging - and then a year later her mother is walking down the street, and wonders why this beggar is clawing at her with her stubs, which should have been arms - and then suddenly realizes it's her daughter.

When I hear of the little children in Bolivia who live in the prisons with their families, and on Friday's they lay in the corners of the room from this outreach program curled up and crying, because they know the inmates will get drunk that night and rape them.

When I hear those stories, and the hundreds more - my heart breaks every time, and I believe that as a Christian, I must respond. I truly believe that it is not an option - when God says "Learn to do good. Seek justice. Help the oppressed. Defend the cause of orphans. Fight for the rights of widows," I don't think He was giving us an option. I don't think it was "Take care of the widows when it is convenient, and seek justice when it works into your schedule." I don't think he was saying "Love your neighbour, unless it requires you to get your hands dirty, then you can pass."

No, I think he was pretty clear - as Christian's it is our job to not only care for the widows and orphans, but also to defend them.

I don't this post to come across as a condemnation of anyone who is not active in the circle of human rights...I just wanted to put my thoughts on a piece of paper. I guess I just want to put this out there, and hope that in some way it stirs your heart.


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