Z SoccerChic9: July 2005
Sunday, July 31, 2005
in the fact that they are due back, though they haven't shown up yet. I want my own apartment now:)

On other notes, it was a good two weeks though, something to do with having your own place, or something - and the rain - cause we needed it so that's good. Though, I swear I hate cats more so now then before. Something to do with the cat waking me up in the middle of the night and crying like a baby, it was slightly irritating. Though, I practiced self-control adn did not throw it against the wall, though I really really really wanted to.

Yesterday though, that was the most perfect weather day - it was awesome - that and the fact that I got to hang with friends almost all day - which was fun!!

Anyhow, that was my not exciting blog post - hopefully you all are having a great day!
Sunday, July 24, 2005
this friend of my mom's house for two weeks. One week down, one more to go. I must say, it is interesting living on one's own after living with a family that amounts to 10 people most days. Like, when I come home from work, my mess is exactly where I left it, in a nice pile in the middle of the floor - no more searchign for my soccer outfit, cause I know, it will be there, right where I left it. Such bliss:) I can buy whatever food I want, and eat it whenever I want - which of course I can do at home too, but something about those ten people that makes any food worth eating disapear in ten seconds:) Though, I've been having problems with the food I have made there so far, and last night I had to resort to a micowave dinner - I figure I might just lose weight if I live on my own - which is not too shabby of an idea. Or, I might just eat the same thing for the rest of my life, like all last week, I had a coke, a sandwhich with meat and mayo, and a yogurt - every single day. I guess, taht might just happen if I lived in my own house.

On a slightly different note, but having to do with me having my own house for two weeks - I watched the Matrix last night and was quite impressed. Which, is quite an acomplishment for a movie, cause it takes a little to impress me with such things.

Anyhow, it's profession of faith tonight, and I'm off - take care!
Friday, July 15, 2005
that was my day - oh and add to that getting off of work at 3:00 this afternoon cause Ellen was happy with the work that was accomplished. Which was awesome, cause I wasn't feeling 100% and it was a Friday afternoon - it's all good, well besides the crying cilent, but I managed to calm her down and work with her - so it was all good.

My cousin's engagement party tonight - parties are still wierd without my grandfather, it's odd. It just doesn't feel like a party without him there - I wonder when that will pass. On another note, my cousin just got engaged, and they're planning the wedding for October. I approve of the choice, cause October is a nice time for a wedding - the colours and all, and not so hot!!
Thursday, July 14, 2005
So, Bethany and I are taking care of the church this week - cause the Schmidts are on holidays, and they asked us. So, we said yes, cause that's what you're suppose to say when people ask you things. Anyhow, last night I'm vaccuming - mostly cause Bep doesn't like too, and cause it's a nice job where I can think. Anyhow, all of the sudden Bep comes up behind me and says "Guess what", well of course I couldn't hear her coming cause of the noise so I almost jumped out of my skin. She proceeds to tell me that a mouse just ran over her foot while she was cleaning the kitchen - and she screamed. Which of course, I did not hear because of the noise. Anyhow, I shuddered and made sure she wasn't going into shock and then back to the routine.

A little while later, I am walking down the hall to the babysit, to vaccum it, and out of no where - the mouse. I screamed, yes I'll admit it, I screamed like a girl. Bep came running down the hall like a madwoman on drugs - with a cookie container in her hand. She goes running past me and tries to pounce on the mouse with the cookie container. I was laughed while screaming cause she looked crazy - and there was a mouse loose. Finally, she get's the mouse into the container and goes running out the door across the parking lot with it in her cookie container.

So yes, that was the mouse story - hopefully there isn't a rat story tomorrow!
Monday, July 11, 2005
I added two new links to two cool people's blogs. My cool cuz Dave and my awesome older sister Anna-marie.
and it's quite gross really. Like at first it's fun to pick the skin off, but then I get tierd of it. Also, I can't really wear any shirts that have any kinda of dip in the neck line, due to the fact that then you can see all of my peeling skin. Somehow people look at you wierd when you wear a turtleneck in the middle of July. I don't know what's worse - the wierd looks or people freaking out and telling me not to be afraid to die - cause they think I have skin cancer or something.

I just thought I would tell you that...not that you wanted to know or anything, in fact you're most likely pulling a grossed out face that would make even Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes quite proud. But, I just came back from swimming and now my dying skin is slimmy and peeling. Hope you enjoy that snack you're eating, wait a minute, it kinda looks like dead skin:)
Thursday, July 07, 2005
So, the exciting story goes something like this:

Monday night I had a soccer game, in which I was injured. Oh nothing serious, just the loss of a limb or two. Actually, I took a ball to the face, somehow the loss of limbs sounds more heroic:) Anyhow, as I was saying, I recieved a ball in the face, it hurt, to say the least - I might of had a few tears come to my eyes and roll down my face - but it had to do with the rain - I swear:) Anyhow, I kept playing, cause that's what soccer players do - take one for the team. I got home, only to realize that my contact was split - not a problem, I dug it out - cept some of it didn't want to leave my eye. I know, my eyes are so beautiful that things want to stay in there - but in this case I really wanted it to leave.

Well, last night I had soccer practice - I put in my contacts again, and yet another split. It's like they were told that if they break in half they multiply and bear more children or something. Must of been dutch contacts - cause that offer attracted them.

Anyhow, all day today my eye was irritated - so I called my eye doctor, and they suggested I go to the walk-in clinic. Which I did. They froze my eye - which is a wierd feeling, to say the least - and then poked around in hopes of finding the missing link of my contact, however, no such luck. I appear to have a scratched adn slightly damaged eye.

I was hoping it would be some grand diagnosis - but no such luck. So I went out and bought sandals to award myself for sitting through the eye exam thingy.
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