Z SoccerChic9: February 2005
Monday, February 28, 2005
life was easy, but I didn't know that it hurt this much. Dax and I broke up over the weekend. It was so freakin hard. I have given up on trying to wear make-up, it only ends up on the front of my shirt. The reasons were good, but the letting go and moving on - that's an entirely different story. He has been amazing through this entire thing though, and I can really only look back on our relationship and leave with a smile on my face. We were good.
Friday, February 25, 2005
life spirals out of control, and you wonder when it's all going to stop - only to be spun out of control a little more. It's crazy.
Wednesday, February 16, 2005

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Josiah Jack Endurance. Born February 4, 2005 at 7:20. Weighing 9.12!
Tuesday, February 15, 2005
So, I came home from school today on my four hour break - only to discover that my mom had bought me all kinds of chocolate for valentines. Which, isn't too big of a deal, cause I am not a huge chocolate fan, so I recieve favours by bribing my siblings:) However, my mom, bought me white chocolate hershey kisses. Those things are to die for....especially cause I like white chocolate. Grrrr, so much for losing wieght, I will have to run extra long tonight on the treadmill.

So, I sit here, with a smirnof in hand, white chocolate kisses, and good music - all while I do homework - I can just feel my health spiralling down hill - but it's oh so good:) At least I will die happy with a white chocolate coated stomach:)

My boyfriend left his CD collection - well part of it - here on the weekend, and I am planning on stealing a few CD's!! But, don't tell him. I lke some fo his music tastes - I might leave some of the CD's untouched though - such as Andrea Bocelli's cds:)
that I have five tests this week, I am trying to remain calm, poised and focused...which is working to some degrees and not others:) I am sooo looking forward to reading break, even though I will be doing homework - at least I can sleep in!! Definately feeling tierd and laggish this morning. I need a coke!

Last night I spent the evening with a bunch of girlfriends. We had a blast! Spending Valentine Evening with a very well cooked meal, a movie, and lots of laughs! We watched Napoleon Dynamite (sp?) - absolutely the dumbest movie I have ever seen. Yet, I laughed my head off (thank goodness for spares:). It was hilariously dumb. I so gotta do that more often - hang with the girls!

I recieved a rose at school yesterday - it was from a girl. No I don't have some crazy love affair with a guy at school.

My very cute brother is still growing. He is huge, but oh so cute - props to my parents for having yet another kid! Almost makes me want one of my own - ALMOST.

I am thinking I might just want to pierce my nose. But, I am not forsure on this matter. I was never really a big nose ring fan, but lately I am kinda thinking it's a cool piercing. Of course the ultimate piercing that I want right now is a lip piercing - but my dad would kill me. And I don't know how many lawyers fancy a legal assistant with her lip pierced. So ya, I figure the nose ring is more subtle...though my dad might still kill me. I need to move away to some far off country - and then I can get it done:)

Anyhow, homework beckons, and I grudgingly respond:(
Wednesday, February 02, 2005
They say your unconscience comes out in your dreams. So, you are what you dream - which for some of us is a freaky thought.

Last night, I dreamed that I was at this place with a bunch of my friends, and there was this guy, and I wanted to talk to him. He was standing in a group of people. So, I thought dude, I will go over there and say hi. I walked over and as I got close I happened to trip on someone's shoe - and I felt with great ablomb (a most ungraceful and hard manner) with a thump right in the middle of the group on my face. The sad part, was no one did anything about it. So, I was laying in the middle of the group, hearing everyone talking, yet no one seemed to care that I almost had died. I did start laughing at myself in the deram - but ya, it was embaressing.

So ya, I guess my subconscience has told me that I am a hopeless failure at impressing people:)
Tuesday, February 01, 2005
trodden in circles and come right back to where I started. Always wierd when that happens, suddenly you wake up, only to discover that you are back where you were months ago. Odd.
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