Z SoccerChic9: May 2005
Tuesday, May 24, 2005
For all of you who weren't at the Hillsong United concert - you missed an awesome evening!! We had a blast to say the least. Afterwards Bep and I spent the night all over Toronto, and by all over Toronto I do mean all over - we even saw China town - which is cool cause bep works at a Chinese resturant and she feels at home with these people now:) We found a hotel at about 2:00 in the morning and after I jumped on the beds - we crashed (no not the beds - Bep and I). The next day was awesome, we hit a lot of places and did a lot of things we've never done - like visiting Woodbine Race Track!! It was great times and both of us didn't want to go home.

A word of warning - don't go to Church on the Rock unless you want to laugh. I think I am still scared by the guitarist who didn't know how to jump properly and the pastor who laughed like a hyenna for most of the service. Didn't help that people around me kept pointing out how funny the guitarist looked, or snorting while they laughed - which in turn made me laugh.

Went to the marriage rally yesterday - it was quite interesting, and there was a large show of people. The band was horrible, but the speeches were fine. Then a bunch of us headed back to Burlington and hung out for the rest of the afternoon - which was fun!!

It's now Tuesday, and it's raining and really really cold. I don't want to go to work today - but I think they would find it odd if I skipped work on my third week on a Tuesday after a long weekend. Have a good one!
Friday, May 13, 2005
So yah, I noticed tonight that it's been a while. Basically my whole life has been devoted to my new job, my second job, soccer starting up including playing and coaching, kickboxing, trying to organize my life - etc.. It's been a blast - and now I am sitting at home, it's Friday night and I don't feel like doing the running around that I should be doing. So yah, I procrastinate once again.

As far as my new job goes - I've surrvived a week - which is a sweet deal. I love my job - which is freakin awesome. The office is going to take some getting used to - but I love the work aspect. I am in the Pleadings unit - with the hopes of me eventually becoming pleading unit manager. Basically that means I work on preparing the court documentation on files. It's exciting stuff. I also have my own client load which is going to be aproximately 60 clients - which means I am going to be crazy busy once that gets added on. I work in an extremely organized office - each clerk has to document ever minute of their day pretty much, we have task sheets, four calenders, yadda yadda. My mom is praying that this will make me an organized person - I'm thinking I'll be urber organized at work, and then horrible at home.

I have my own office - which is super cool. Since I am on the fifth floor of a large building, I have a huge window in my office which overlooks part of Hamilton (which is freakin awesome), I even have a plant on my desk (it's the little things folks, the little things).

I am one of nine girls hired - which makes me think perhaps they are weeding through and firing after three months training. That thought in the back of my mind makes me hope that I do well in the three months and really stand out above the rest. Seems like a tall order - but I'm trying.

So yah, all is good - I am doing well, car shopping starting tomorrow, getting in shape slowly due to soccer season starting full swing and me having a practice and a game each week, and then coaching on top of it. I've been busy - but it's been a good busy!
Friday, May 06, 2005
if you aren't busy on these dates these are some totally awesome things you should check out and consider:

Unite in Worship Conference – Toronto – May 18, 19, 20. This conference has an amazing line-up of speakers and worship teams. If you can't make the day time - go for the Hillsong United conference Friday night. It's going to be a complete and utter blast!!

Unite in Worship Conference (click on the link for more info.)

In Toronto on June 3 and 4 - look like a challenging time with some awesome speakers lined up. And hey, your in Toronto - how much better does it get.

Sola Scriptura (click on the link for more info.)
Wednesday, May 04, 2005
Unfortunately you all missed the beautiful sunrise yesterday morning. Yes, I stayed up for it, and I wasn't disapointed at all. It was great - refreshing is the word I think of. I followed the experience with a run, nothing like getting home before 8:00 and already acomplishing so much. I gotta get in shape for soccer season, grrrr - I hate it cause at first you really can't see the benefits - but I guess eventually, if I'm faithful:)

My sister got a job at China King - so go there often my friends, eat lots of food and throw tantrums or something equally funny and then tell me about it:)

If you haven't read John Piper's "The Dangerous Duty of Delight" you really need too. What a challenging and awesome read.

Mother's Day is this Sunday - and I really need to think of something wicked awesome for my mom - but I am coming up empty right now. Grrrumpkins.

This is my last week to be a kid - and it scares me - I really don't want to grow up and have to be all mature and wear suits and stuff. So, I'll let you in on a secret, I'm going to pretend I am grown-up when I have to, but deep down, I'm going to be a little kid. But, don't tell anyone, it might ruin my cover.

Something that made me laugh today:

Me: Good Afternoon Dr. Malpass' Mary speaking.
Client: Oh, hi Mary how are you?
Me: Great, thank you for asking.
Client: Um, I am going to have to cancel my son's appointment this afternoon.
Me: Okay, is there any other time that works best for you to get him in for an appointment with the Dr.
Client: Well, he's the swiss cheese in the school play today, and they need him to show up an hour early.
Me: (trying to keep from laughing) Oh wow - um, does 4:30 work okay.
Tuesday, May 03, 2005
and I'm not exactly tierd - not really at all. I should be in bed trying to sleep anyways - but I'm not, cause tomorrow I have nothing pressing on and I will sleep in or something equally exciting. Sometimes you just gotta shake things up a little otherwise life becomes a formula, and it's when you have a formula that you miss the little things, and in missing those, you miss out on life.

I watched Blue Crush tonight - I really need to learn how to surf. Also watched Oceans 12 tonight - that is a brilliant movie - I say better then the first one by far. Now, you might disagree with me - but I thought it was well worth the watch - and it takes a little to impress me with a movie. So, if you haven't seen it, you should.

I don't think anything intelligent comes out of my mouth after 10:00 at night - but I'm just sayin - today, when you wake up and face the world, as scary as it may be, tell someone that you love them. Life passes too quickly, things change and pass, familiarity fades - don't let it pass you by. Tomorrow might be too late, so use every opportunity that you have and really appreciate the people around you, your friends, family, loved ones - cause they won't always be here - and it would be a shame it they didn't know how you honestly feel.

You know what, I'm thinking I might catch a sunrise this morning if I stay up a little longer. I just might grab my duvet, sit on the front porch with my poetry - and watch the morning begin. I wish you were here to watch it with me - but then again, you are sleeping, oblivious to this world painted by night's passing and morning's waking.

Sleep well folks - I will think of you fondly:)
Sunday, May 01, 2005
I have this slight problem, I hate appearing weak. I like my life to be all in control, I like controlling things, and knowing what's happening. But, God has been seeing this attitude as a problem in my life, and slowly stripping everything away and exposing my weakness. As some of you already know, I've been having a really rough time this past week, a lot of things have come to a head and it's been really hard to work through them. So, I am asking you for your prayers for me right now, that I will be able to shake this feeling of depression and focus on God. I just really feel like I am in a battle with Satan, and I don't feel like I have the strength to defeat him. So yah, prayers are appreciated!
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