Z SoccerChic9: April 2005
Wednesday, April 27, 2005
I am grumpy today, actually I've been grumpy all week, yet I can't seem to shake it. Though, my grumpy mood was broken by going out for coffee with Sarah tonight. You know, everytime I walk into Starbucks, I feel like I am coming home after a long journey - sad huh:) There are a million memories in that place, a whole lot of good times there. While we were there we happened to run into Nick and Gus - which was cool and resulted in some lively discussion on what the name should be for the praise band thingy. Haaa, it makes me laugh.

So, I've been craving a coke all day - but since Andy's work is right by my Tim Hortans, I can't really go there anymore if I don't want to run into him. So, tonight, after coffee with my friends, I went to Tim Hortans, ordered a coke and a blueberry muffin (yah, I can feel the calories clinging to my hips:) And I sat in a corner, pulled out my sketch pad and wrote some poetry for over an hour. It was good - cause I haven't done that for a long time.

I can't sleep tonight, I haven't been able to sleep for a very long time - it's weird.
Tuesday, April 26, 2005
I really should be sleeping because I've gotta work tomorrow - but I can't. I'm all wound up into a tight ball, which is making me think I might just explode one of these days. What a sight that would be:)

I'm at a crossroad in my life right now, one of those awkward inbetween stages. You know those half-breaths that leave you feeling like something is missing. It's one of those times. I start my new job in two weeks, and despite wanting to be spending this inbetween time relaxing and just kickin back - that hasn't been happening so much. I am working part-time, and between that, the extra stuff in my life, tying up lose ends at Mohawk and other places - I haven't had much time to really relax - and yet way too much time to think.

I am looking forward to working full-time, plus my other job, coaching soccer, playing soccer, plus all the other things I do. I just need a whole lot of being busy right now.

I'm missing playing Go tonight - it was a good game, I need to pull it out and teach someone how to play it.
Monday, April 25, 2005
thanks to the work of Dax, you now have a nicer looking screen to peer at when you happen to read my blog. So, if you want your blog re-designed, he would be most happy to do it for you (cept he didn't say that - I did).

This is an advertisement:)

And this is me adding spaces so my head is not cut off - though it should be - or something:)
So yah, in case you haven't heard already - I am presently employed (who knows how long that will last:). I accepted the job offer from Ferro & Company on Friday, and today I signed my life away on the dotted line. Bad news, I can only wear dark blue and black - ALWAYS have to wear suit jackets, no low tops (darn it:), and skirts are not allowed. So yah, so much for all those grey, burgundy, and other coloured dress pants that I have - and all those beautiful skirts that I just love wearing (okay, I might of exagerated the love part). The good news, I've always wanted to go to a school with uniforms - now I got a job with uniforms. And, I am allowed to wear different coloured shirts under my suit jackets - so that is where I will be crazy and daring - I am thinking bright floresent (sp?) green for the first day:)

Exciting news, Sarah Wassink works right by my work, like a block or two over - and we have the same work hours. I figure that was God's way of saying "Yes Mary, this job is for you." So, we will be carpooling, which works perfect, cause I won't have to find a parking spot each morning and pay for it, I get company on my drive to and from work, and I don't have to stress about finding a car a.s.a.p. cause I got a little more time. So yah, it's a whole lot of cool wrapped into a box.

Other most exciting and wonderful news:

I got my exemption from my last night course. I was so freakin exciting I did some screaming and a dance, and we had conservitive company over at my house. It was quite funny seeing their faces as I ran across the house screaming and dancing. Haaaa, it makes me laugh even still. But, this is a very good thing, it means I will be able to coach soccer yet again this year, five years baby - and I don't have to sit through 13 weeks of boring classes in which I study silly things.

I also recieved my marks for school this weekend. I missed my goal of 94% - but considering all things that happened this past semester - I will be happy with the 91% average that I got, and the legal award, and the fact that I will graduate with a diploma with honours. So yah, so happy that I didn't fail some classes - I was a little worried there. Thankfully though, God was good. It think it helped that Cheryl and I dropped off food for our teachers last week:) Nothing like a little bribe!!

So yah, a whole lot of good news for a Monday - and it's even raining.
Friday, April 22, 2005
Okay, so on Tuesday the law firm, Ferro & Company, that I had the "interesting" interview at the other day - called me up and said they wanted a second interview. Now, I found this really surprising cause they just seemed kinda on the negitive side to really be wanting me to come back. SO, I asked the person who called me to see if I was going to be interviewed by the same person, well apparently the "interesting" lady was the one who wanted me back.

SO, I show up yesterday at 2:00ish for another interview, all the time expecting this to be a real interview where they ask normal questions and really find out about me. First off she , the interviewer, asks me if I have any questions, and I do so on I blabber. Then, after she finishes answering them, she says to me "Well, I want to offer you the job." That was when I almost fell off my chair. I told them I would give them a decision today on the matter. So yah, now the weighing it out - and deciding.

I had to go see Andy yesterday to return some computer things and get an invoice. I kinda put it off all day cause I really didn't want to do it, but finally I was like well, I gotta get this done. Not to mention that the Dr. and other assistant at my office where teasing me about Andy and how he was flirting with me and such. The Doctor is happy with the matter because she says we will get very quick and good computer service now. Sheesh, I feel like I am working with my parents or something. Anyhow, I head over - and there is this guy behind the counter - so I am like good, I can drop off the disk, ask for an invoice, and run out before Andy even knows what happened. So, I tell the guy I am returning the disk - he gets this wierd smile on his face (you know the ones that people get when they know about you, but they've never met you - like they have some kind of secret about you) and he says - "let me get Andy". Grrrumpkins.

So, out walks Andy - all happy to see me - and for some odd reason he looked more dressed up (but maybe it was just dress up Thursday or something:) I talk about what I need, explain the problems - all the while Andy and this kid are looking at me grinning like freakin idiots. Then I made my fast get away - and as I walk out the door Andy says "we'll see you around right, you'll be around".

So yah, that's my exciting life right now - computer guys and job offers - doesn't get much better then that:)
Wednesday, April 20, 2005
Since I am presently unemployed and job searching, I am working regular hours at the chiropractor's office - which works quite nicely thank you very much!! We have been having computer problems at the office since January now - and since the other people working at the office have absolutely no clue of how to deal with a computer - the problems have been left esculating. So, since I am the computer genius (cause I know how to plug in a printer, and put a border on a page) the job has fell to me. Which is fine cause I don't mind calling the tech guys and feeling like I just called a different country and can't understand the language:)

So, I decided that are old computer place was just not doing the job. They kept charging us for problems that had cropped up because of their negligence, and then they wouldn't even fix the problem and we were back to where we had started. So, I said - let's switch computer people. It was a good plan, on paper it looked great, and the Dr. and assistant smilled in enthusasim of my great ideas. SO, I decide we will use the Ancaster computer guys cause they are right across the plaza from us and a bunch of people had told me they were good. So, this morning at work, I call them up - I speak to Andy - he is extremely helpful and went way out of his way to help - something that our old guys never did. He suggests I come over and pick up a disk and see if it helps the problem. Great, I head across the plaza just happy that this is working, and that he has diagnosed the problems within like 5 minutes on the phone.

I walk into the computer store only to meet this young guy behind the counter who looks at me like I just dropped out of the sky or something. I am like "well, I just talked to a guy on the phone (dumb me I can't remember his name) and he told me to pick up a disk." THe guy is still looking at me wierd, and I am thinking maybe I have a banana peel on my head. He mumbles something, and heads off to get Andy. Well, it goes from wierd to wierder - Andy shows up and he is most likely 20 - okay that's fine - as long as he knows how to fix my computer I really couldn't care what he looks like.

Okay, so it ends up that Andy has to come over to my work. I should of gotten a little worried when I found out he lives just up the road from me, but I was clueless. Then, he starts making odd comments, and just being a whole lot of helpful. Like, I really appreciate helpful guys, but this just seemed a little extreme. Like surely I am not his only client, and he's just dropping all his stuff to come and help me out - wierd. And telling me about the 4 foot scar on your back right in the middle of me asking a computer question - just seems a little odd. I dismiss it as "Andy's a helpful guy who loves computer problems" I should of diagnosed it as "Andy never sees younger woman in the computer business, and he thinks he might like to get to know you a little better then client relationships"

Well, all those things should of made me worry -they didn't until Andy asked me out. Now my problem is this: These are our new computer people, I can't avoid them, and I Have to go into his office tomorrow to return a disk he lent me for the computer. SO yah, it could be interesting to say the least.
Monday, April 18, 2005
Despite my absense on this blog - I am alive, more in body then in spirit - but I haven't departed yet:) Life has been quite crazy busy, though in most senses it has been a good busy. I finished my two week placement last week and it happened to be an awesome experience. I was also offered a job there, which would have been me, a fresh out of school student, taking over a position held by a lady who had worked in the legal field for 10 years. So, a lot of responsibility and a lot of room to grow and be in control. However, after consideration and prayer, I am presently turning down that offer; which means I have entered the "I am desperate and looking for employment" world. Actually, I'm not desperate, though I am job searching. The legal field happens to be quite big at the moment, and that works nicely towards my advantage.

I had an interview today - Ferro & Company. A massive law firm in Hamilton, and by massive I do mean quite massive. They have a medical unit (comprised of Doctors, nurses, and other medical support staff), a legal unit (comprised of law clerks, assistants and lawyers) a tech unit, a financial unit...and the list goes on. It's actually quite neat how they work. An unit is formed by an even amount of people from each larger unit within the business. So, one unit would have a few doctors adn suport staff, a few lawyers and suport staff, some tech staff, and some financial staff. This unit would be given a client case load and have to work together - each person having equal say in what happens on the file. So, my job to start would be legal assistant/law clerk - I would have my own personal client load of 80 clients. In the morning I would work on court documentation - in the afternoon - taking care of my client load personally. Interviewing them, calling them, and other such duties. Eventually they would train me to take over a unit and be a manager within it. So, lots of room for growth and burying your life away amidst files. Pretty much like marrying your job:)

However, the girl who interviewed me was a complete twit (bless her heart:), A. she pryed into my personal life, asking about my family, how many kids were in it, was I dutch - yadda yadda (which is a no no, especially in the legal field). Then she started treating me like I was 5 because A. I had been homeschooled and B. I had a large family. She asked questions such as:

So, will your parents let you out of the house to get a job?
Are you going to be able to keep a job or are you going to have to stay home and take care of all the kids?
Did you ask your dad what he would suggest you take as a starting salary?
So, how did you cope going to school after being homeschooled?

It was kinda annoying, to say the least, I was/am a little ticked over how she dealt with things. But, I guess that is the real world and I will just have to prove to her that despite the fact I am "overly burdened" with having a large family and definately demented because I was homeschooled, I can still keep an office job in the real world.

The fun begins:) So yah, my life is busy with job searching, trying to get exempt from my last Mohawk course, kick boxing, soccer, night courses, friends, family, my other job - and all that stuff. Keeps me out of trouble and gives me no time to think - it's a win-win situation!!
Thursday, April 07, 2005
It's Tuesday night (well not tonight - but it was), I am happy cause this means I only have to work one job - I can come home after my placement and I have the evening to myself - rah rah. I get home, only to discover that my work has called me in because they are having computer difficulties.

Now, I know this is making no sense, so I will explain. I am working two jobs right now - my placement which is a two week thing in a law office - it's part of my schooling. And my "normal" job which is at a Chiropractor's office. So, I go to my placement during the day and then squeze my other job around it. It works out good on paper - I make extra money, I work more hours - I have no time to get into trouble - or something like that.

Anyhow, back to Tuesday. So, I am in my grubbies, hair isn't done, make-up is a thing of the past. But, I decide to head out - it's Tuesday and no one is at the office so we are all good. Besides, if you go out without make up doesn't that give you bonus points and make you self-confident or something - unless that or something is stupid:) I haven't quite decided yet.

I arrive at the office only to find out that my boss' husband and son are there. Grrrr. I am hoping while I am talking to him about my life's story (or something equally boring and long) that he isn't noticing the fact that my clothes don't match and my hair is everywhere but on my head.

FInally, I am able to take off from the office - only one more stop and I am homefree. I Just have to stop at Fortinos to grab a few things for my mom. No. problem - it's only a two minute trip. Wrong, I think I ran into everyone I have ever known or plan to know. Seriously, I ran into girls from my school, a ton of clients from my work (okay, more like four sets of them), friends of my family - the whole nine yards.

The moral of this story - don't go out looking horrible and expecting to see no one - it goes against' Newton's law - or something like that.
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