Z SoccerChic9: October 2007
Monday, October 08, 2007
I recently watched the movie "Facing the Giants," which happens to be a Christian movie made by a church in the States. The story line focuses around the football coach and his journey through part of his life. There was one line of the movie that really struck me. It was at a point where him and his wife had been trying to have children for quite some time, and just could not get pregnant. After another visit to the doctor, in which it was determined that they were not pregnant yet again, the husband turns to his wife and says:

"If God never gives you children, will you still love him?"

I asked myself that very question, though I filled in the children part with something I really want in life right now, and I realized how often I don't trust God with the things I want the most. I also realized it was a lot harder then a quick yes to answer that question.

So, what about you...if God didn't give you what you want the most right now...would you still love him?


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