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Wednesday, November 21, 2007
Because unfortunately it's reality, and because we in Canada are in the top 5% wealth bracket in the world. We can choose to live in our little bubbles and view the world how we want to by painting it our people friendly colours, or we can open our eyes and ask ourselves the question: "What can I do to make a difference?"

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Monday, November 19, 2007

November 11, 2007: "After singing our national anthem, we would like to take a moment of silence to remember the great men and women who gave their lives so that others might live."

It was the sound I heard from the pulpit not to long ago before the music started up for our National Anthem. As I grasped the microphone I had to hold back the tears that were threatening to spill out of my eyes, and try to calm my shaking nerves.

You see, on November 11th, I had the priviledge of singing the National Anthem during our church service right before 11:00. For some people, that may not be considered an honour, or even anything of note, but for me it was one of the greatest honours that I could be given, and I wore my poppy proudly as I sang our National Anthem in honour of the brave men and women who sacrificed every thing they had, and put their lives on the line because they so strongly believed in something and in the future generations. You see, they knew that they could die, and yet out they went and fought battles for people they did not know, endured the horrors of war, all so that future generations could live free.

A story that sounds somewhat familiar to me as I think of how Christ did the very same thing.

That blows my mind. That someone could be so dedicated to a country, or a cause, or a person who's name they never knew and face they would never see. That puts pride in my heart, and tears in my eyes.

You see, I had a hard time singing the anthem, because I was caught up in the emotion of how great a sacrifice someone made for me, just so I could live free.

Now, I had to wait a bit before I wrote this post, otherwise it would have turned into a blistering rant against all those people who did not show their respect or support. You see, there were some people who did not stand in the audience during the anthem, or in honour of the fallen soldiers. I don't know why, I guess it could be a variety of reasons...and as I inwardly seethed against the disrespect I felt was being shown, I had to ask myself some questions.

If tomorrow was declared a remembrance day for all the men and women who gave their lives by strapping explosive devices onto themselves and died for a cause that they believed in, or if tomorrow was a moment of silence at 11:00 for Hitler because he dedicated himself to a cause that he believed in, or Stalin, or the people responsible for the Rwanda Genocide...would I stand? Absolutely not...because I don't support what they did, and I think that their cause was one that ruined the lives of so many people.

So instead of this being a blistering rant against the lack of respect shown, I guess I'm extending a little grace, because I don't know why you didn't stand. Maybe you don't beleive in war, maybe you feel it could have been solved differently, maybe you lost someone and it hurts too much. Do I think you're wrong for not standing, from my side of the street - absolutely. Would I challenge you on it...forsure. Do I think there is a lack of appreciation for what people have done so that we could be here today...you bet there is.

But instead of running you over in the parking lot...I'll try to understand where you're coming from. But if you didn't stand just because you didn't feel like it...you better run start through the parking lots!

I hope parents teach their children why there are poppies being sold in malls and grocery stores around November each year. I hope people tell their children and grandchildren about why they are free today. I hope each year at 11:00 on November 11th, we all take a moment of silence, and honour those brave men and women...because if they didn't do what they did, we might not be here today.

And to those men and women...Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.


Wednesday, November 14, 2007
I have come to the conlusion that normal really does not exist. Not in people, or personalities, not in relationships or acquaintences, and definately not in life. It exists merely as a setting on your wash machine - nothing more. So for all those people out there who are striving to be normal, I suggest you try a new goal in your life. Besides, the normal setting on the wash machine is rather boring - it doesn't create any grand explosions of bubbles, or surprises that turn into funny stories to tell at the next staff Christmas party.

It's been a while since I've posted, somehow the craziness of life has engulfed me, and resulted in a million things coming ahead of sitting down and randomly spewing my thoughts onto a public piece of paper.

For those of you who still read this, and my blog hits tell me there are a few of you (and it is at this point that I do not claim responsibility to any long-term mental damage that it has caused). Well, I've started a new job, to be exact I'm about two months into a new job. They haven't put me out with the weekly garbage yet, so I think that's a good sign.

I'm am absolutely loving it. The job has combined my passion for the abused, my love of law, and my goal to make a difference in the world all into one neatly packaged title.

I've also maintained my crazy schedule of having something on pretty much every night of the week through church involvement, volunteer projects, playing indoor soccer again, and all the fun things that life throws at an individual.

I'm enjoying watching my friends and family grow up - even if I do feel slightly immature and old when friends who are younger then me are getting married and having children! Then again...I don't think nuns are suppose to pursue things like that :)

All that to say, my life isn't normal, and I don't think I ever will be. One day, I will develop the art of stating my thoughts in one cohesive sentence. Until then, you get stuck with the rambling.

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