Z SoccerChic9: August 2005
Monday, August 15, 2005
We have 21 girls on my soccer team - I was the only one at practice tonight. I'm not really sure what to say, other then, I got a good workout, and it was a little wierd being the only one practicing with my coach.

That's all.
Sunday, August 14, 2005
This is where my Saturday was spent, and I must say, it was quite worth it. There were things done on wakeboards that should not be humanly possible, but they apparently are. It was quite crazy and insane, and by the end of the day I was, along with the rest of the guys, proclaiming "Sick" everytime there was some crazy stunt. I also got enough hair gel, axe shower gel (even though I'm not a guy), juicy fruit gum, and other such truck to last me about five years:)

I took Bep, Caleb and Calvin, we had a lot of fun hanging out together - there where also a bunch of our friends there, mostly guys, but it was a lot of fun. I must say, Mr. Borgdorff, Mr. Hamstra, and Mr. Brouwer are quite funny at such events and had me in shock and stiches a few times:)

After we had tierd ourselves out at this event, we headed down to the Marche and had ourselves some good food. Also, I embaressed my siblings as once again, me on lack of sleep and too much coke has this slight problem where I cannot stop laughing - and Calvin had me doubled over and crying. He was having a blast - Caleb laughed, and Bep hid under the table. It's all good though.

On the way home, Calvin had too much candy and we had some crazy reactions from cars on the highway.

Good times!
Thursday, August 11, 2005
but I want to be asleep. I hate when that happens, especially when you know tomorrow is a crazy day, you want to sleep - but you can't. So, you squander away the wee hours by doing things like posting on your blog, singing to yourself, or randomly talking to your computer while cursing everyone who is sound asleep....not that I'm bitter or anything.

I'm even listening to Jeremy Camp right now, and I'm still not falling asleep:)

I tried counting sheep, writing a poem, standing on my head, and running in circles. It's still not working.

And still not working......
Wednesday, August 10, 2005
1. Playing a hard soccer game (like tonight, we had six girls, we need seven to play without forfeting the game, we randomly pull a girl wearing a skirt off the sidelines, randomly grab a boy who had a soccer game before us, asked to use his shorts and soccer stuff - and put her in net - yes we were desperate. Then we proceeded to play a full game against a full team with our seven players - we only lost by one!!)
2. Going for a run - or pushing myself really hard at the gym.
3. Going for a long drive with your favourite music playing loud and all the windows open - add fog into there and it's perfect.
4. Randomly having a screaming fit at work and throwing papers all over the office (bad day, don't ask:)
5. A hug
6. An e-mail from someone you care about just cause they were thinking about you.
7. A cold coke at about 2:30 in the afternoon.
8. Saturday morning and sleeping in!
9. Eating some really bad junk food just because - though you feel gross later:)
10. Calling in sick to work (muwahaha)

So yes, I had a very stressful day - but I am coping, by using some of the above!
Tuesday, August 09, 2005
Generally I wake up before my alarm clock goes off, it's kinda pysco, but I do absolutely hate the sound of alarm clocks so it just happens that way. However, this morning I was sound asleep, like one of those deep deep sleeps where time ceases to exist. During this deep sleep I happened to be dreaming, and in my dream it was Saturday - I remember thinking "awesome, it's Saturday, I can sleep in and I don't have to go to work." Suddenly, I hear Bep yelling at me and my alarm slowly becoming less foggy and more annoying. It was at that point that it all came flooding back - it was only Tuesday, and I had to go to work. Let me tell you, that should of been my first clue to stay home and call in sick, however, I am kinda slow at picking up on clues that early in the morning.

So, I manage to somehow wake up with a really cold shower and get myself ready for the day. Well, I walk in the door, early, just the way I like it. Pretty much no one is in the office yet, so I'm on a roll - awesome. About an hour into my day, my printer decides to jam up - of course it's the day when the IT guy isn't around - oh well, I managed to find tweezers in the first aid kit and I pull out the paper. Do you think my printer will work, not a chance - I think secretly it was laughing at me. So, I set my default printer to one of the main printers - which is across the office - oh well, I'll burn some extra calories or something.

Then, Amber walks in to inform me that I have a mediation scheduled for 9:00 and 12:00. Okay, so I pull the files and start doing the prep memos. Well, the 9:00 is resolved, so awesome (by the way, a mediation is with our lawyer, the insurance company, our client and a government mediator - our company wants me to start doing the mediations eventually instead of the lawyers). The 12:00 mediation is on my lunch break - fine, I can lose some more calories, no big deal. The mediation is with our junior junior lawyer - a younger guy who has a thing for woman's chest - kinda annoying and hard to talk to when he isn't looking at your face the entire time. Anyhow, he did not prep for the mediation at all - and basically I had to do all the work - which was annoying and made us look like we had no idea what we were doing.

I had a meeting scheduled for later in the day - well it seems our office has decided to download all units to everyone all at the same time. Basically, all the work in the office for tomorrow was laid on a table and people picked what they wanted to do - yah, let's just say my stress level rose about 100 fold. I finally managed to get out of the office and head home at 5:30 - only to get stuck in a traffic jam.

But, in that traffic jam - God showed me how little I am trusting him right now -and it was a lesson I need to learn.
Sunday, August 07, 2005
So, yesterday my cousin Jason Jonkman got married to Ruth Vamanan. It's during those times that I start to feel like I'm not 5 anymore - considering Ruth is about six months older then me. It's then that I get a sharp pain in my chest and I have trouble breathing - like not to freak anyone out or anything, but that could be me. Slight heart attack (more so for people who picture me being married, not to mention the poor guy:)

It was a normal wedding, in the sense that the ceremony happened in the church, the church ladies served goodies afterwards with punch and coffee, pictures in between the service and the reception, potatoes, roast beef, vegtable and salad for the dinner, and the toasts from the parents. But, there was a bit of a rebellious side, with the drums in the church for the bride and groom's signing and retreat, which I might add was most likely the first and last time drums were ever in St. Thomas church. Also instead of psalter hymnal numbers on the boards at the front of the church it said "Jason loves Ruth", and the torches that lit the way for the bride and groom as they were whisked away to their honeymoon destination.

But it was a nice normal wedding, my cousin Jason cried when Ruth walked down the isle, and pretty much lost it when repeating his vows - I admit, I got a little teary during that part, this is my cousin Jason - he doesn't cry. It was cute, in a cool way.

My dad was MC for the wedding, a little bit of stress at home, but he did a good job, and Jason got out at 9:30 just like he wanted, despite the long toasts from the parents in which we heart a whole lot about Jason and Ruth's lives.

But they left smiling, the parents were relieved it was all over - and a whole lot of people are going to be drinking wedding wine for the next few years!
Wednesday, August 03, 2005
For a year or so:

Capernwray Hall

One of those dreams I have, more of a recent one actually. Some might call it running away, but hey, I get to live in a castle:)
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