Z SoccerChic9: February 2006
Saturday, February 25, 2006
This weekend I spent my time with the Fehr family (the girl whose position I took at my law firm). I had a very wonderful time with their family, it was quite nice really. I went skating on their pond and played hockey with some of their cousins, and met a whole lot of people and family.

I added a new link to my blog here, it's a flickr account that holds some of my pictures that I've started gathering down here - thanks to a generous gift of a new digital camera that I received for christmas!! So, if you're bored, check it out!
Monday, February 20, 2006
So, I officially moved in to my own basement apartment this weekend. It's small, but cute, and totally brand new since my landlords had just completly redone it. So, if you're down in Medicine Hat, you can stop by and I'll like make you food or something. Though, you may not want to count on the food part - as I am kinda working on keeping myself alive with my cooking:)

It's wierd living on my own - much quieter and such. But there is Dory - and Dory is a beautiful and handsome chocolate lab, and we go walking and play soccer together. She walks me for about 3/4 of the time, and then lets me walk her for the last quarter. I am sure people around here find it rather humerous, as I am pretty much dragged down the street by a chocolate lab - but hey, it gives me a workout and saves me money as we tramp all over town and run errands!!
So tonight, I had my first drum lessons - and boy was it fun!! There is this guy, Ryan, at my church, and he is leaving in a few months - so they need a new drummer for worship. So, Ryan has offered to give lessons to whoever is interested, and if they are good, then at the end the church will pick someone to play in worship.

Well, I was the only one who showed up tonight out of six people - so I figure that's a good sign right:) Ryan said he will also check to see when I can come in during the week, and since I've moved it's about a 15 minute walk for me to church, so hopefully I can practice a lot since I'm close and all.

I'm excited tonight - to say the least!!
Friday, February 17, 2006
I know, it was like "Bug's Life" all over again, I walked over the hill to Alberta and the party started. And here I am, a mere three months later writing this post to tell you that I am moving, again. It seems to me, in my head somewhere, that I am going to know how to eventually fit all my stuff in a backpack with all this moving around. Anyhow, all that to say that my company is re-locating to London, Ontario. Now, this new location isn't exactly my top choices of places to live, I was kinda hoping it would be the other London that has castles:) But, on July 3, 2006, I will be at our new office in London unpacking boxes and wondering who packed the stapler and where did they put it.

So, life once again takes a turn and I am going to welcome it with open arms (though missing the mountains of Alberta)!!

So, I'm just going to go pack now - once again, cause this weekend I get my own apartment!!!!!
Sunday, February 12, 2006
So this weekend I had to attend a conference in Saskatoon, SK. For me, from Medicine Hat, it is approximately a six hour drive, which is no big deal because I get to see lots of flat fields, and more flat fields, and once I thought I saw two houses within a mile of each other, but it was just a mirage.

Anyhow, I am driving down once of these roads in the middle of open and empty fields, to say the least it was rather windy and blowy. As I am driving, I notice a police car coming towards me, I do the natural - check my speed - and continue driving. A few minutes later I happen to look in my review mirror and notice that the police officer is now behind me. It appears that he is calling in my car, and I am thinking, what in the world did I do wrong. I was going exactly the speed limit. So, I start dropping speed to see if he will pass, he doesn't, he just keeps following me and is sitting right on my tail. Finally, he puts on his lights, and I am thinking "Wow, I hope you don't have to go to SK to fight a ticket that you get in their province cause there is no way I was speeding". He gets out of his car, and he is younger - in his 20's maybe 30. He comes to my window and asks for my license and such, which I happily hand over, all the while wondering what he is going to nail me for.

He then says "Um, I noticed you moving around in your lane, and I wanted to make sure you weren't falling asleep". And I was like, "Um, no I wasn't falling asleep". He was right behind me the entire time and I knew that so I was extremely careful as to how I was driving. I told him it was kinda windy and with my small car it may be swaying a little. He said "Oh, okay, well maybe get your suspension checked the next time you have your car in".

When I arrived at the conference, the couple I told the couple I was billetinig with, the first thing the man said was "Was he a young cop" I said yes, and he gave me this cheesy smile, and said "Uhuh"

So yah, when driving to Saskatoon, watch out for the swaying of your car and young police officers.
Saturday, February 04, 2006
I happened to be sitting in a resturant the other day; by myself actually, which always proves to be interesting as eating alone in a place full of talking people can be such an odd feeling. I always feel like I should be in a hurry when this happens, because why would I stay any longer than necessary when I am by myself, eating. Anyhow, this particular day I was in Wendy's, and as I was sitting there working on my budget and eating my hamburger, I couldn't help but overhear the two men at the table across from me. They looked normal to me, as in they had a shirt and a head and such, but their conversation was anything but normal. They were discussing their favourite soap operas. Now maybe I just live in the wrong part of town, or perhaps it happened to be something in the wind that day, but I generally do not hear men talking about soap operas, especially not in a positive light. However, these two gentlemen were quite animated and vocal about their opinions on which soap opera was the best.

It was then that I asked myself the question, "Do real men watch soaps?" and I wasn't really sure if I had an answer, because after that question another followed closely behind, "Do real woman watch soaps". And suddenly I questioned why anyone would want to transport themselves into a world so far from reality each day at 1:00.

I, unfortunately, do not have the answers, so I leave the questions with you....do real men and woman watch soaps?
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