Z SoccerChic9: Sunday's....
Sunday, October 15, 2006
I think I may have found a church today...which makes me very excited. The people were very nice at the church, and there was a wide spread of people also, a lot of kids, some older people and youth. Which is exciting for me, because all the churches I've been to seem to have this lopsided congregation, where everyone is like over 65. Not that it's bad, I was just hoping to have some people my age at my church.

I am going to their College and Career group, which I am excited about. They also have small groups Sunday night....and some cool youth outreach programs. So yeah, I'm excited about this and hoping it works out. Church has always been a big part of my life, and not having a church here in London is hard, I feel like half of my life is missing.

On another note, there is construction on like every single street...and it's kind of annoying because it adds about 15 miinutes at least to every trip...grrrumpkins. Oh well, hopefully it will be over soon.


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