Z SoccerChic9: What would you do?
Saturday, October 28, 2006
You have the opportunity to win ten million dollars (and that is after all the taxes are taken off). There is only one small catch, you have to do one of the following things:

1) Put your children up for adoption.
2) Become a prostitute for a week.
3) Give up your American/Canadian citizenship.
4) Abandon your church.
5) Abandon your family.
6) Kill a stranger.
7) Have a sex-change operation.
8) Leave your spouse.

You do one of those things, and you get the ten million dollars. What would you do?

America responded to this question and here is what they said:

7% would murder for the money. 4% would change their sex. 25% would abandon their family, 25% would abandon their church, 23% would become a prostitute for a week, 16% would leave their spouse, and 3% would put their children up for adoption.

2/3 of the people polled said they would do one or more of the things on the list. Only 1/3 said they would not do any of the things in the list for ten million dollars.


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