Z SoccerChic9: While I wait for this file to upload....
Monday, September 11, 2006
So, a good portion of my day has been spent fighting with this ftp site and the uploading.....I think I may have finally made a break through, though I won't know for the next few minutes.

An awesome thing about our new office building is that the front is all this blue glass. Basically, you can't see in (unless you press your face to the glass) but we can see out. This produced the most humerous events. Constantly people walk by the front of our office and check their hair, straighten their clothes, watch themselves excessively. It really is quite amusing. I want to move my office to the boardroom so that I can personally watch it all day long while I work. Although, if I do open the door to my office, I can see some of the events unfold.

I bought my first pair of girly shoes this weekend. I know, let the heart attacks begin. They have thin heels....they have a girly design....they cause me to have to take smaller steps when walking. I thought my mom was going to cry tears of joy when she saw the two most amazing facts ever:

1) Mary bought shoes
2) They are girly and have heels - and are not army shoes

I am sure I am going to break an ankle on them...but at least I will look stylish doing it:)

Well folks....the FTP site was a break through....thank goodness...I can go home now, and it's not even 11:00 at night....fantabulous!
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