Z SoccerChic9: Songs....
Thursday, September 07, 2006
Hearing certain songs always bring back a flood of memories. My life seems to have a soundtrack....and different tracks trigger events in my life.

For instance, tonight I heard the song "Entertaining Angels" and I was transported back about 7 summers ago, when us girls did a music video. Which made me think of just a few songs that produce a flood of memories.

Sarah MacLachlan brings me back to one of my break-ups
Coldplay reminds me of Alberta
Runaway Bride and Walk to Remember soundtracks surface the girl roadtrip memories
Closing Time by Semisonic - transports me to this road on the way to Balmoral....in that black car
Goodbye Earl by the Dixie Chicks - Jan-Tina's wedding, the crazy day before when absolutely everything was falling apart
Everglow by Mae - that time we drove through the night to do some photocopying job....crazy awkward inbetween moments
Neutral Milk Hotel and The Shins....good music any day of the week - though reminds me of about a year ago
500 Miles by the Proclaimers - The cottage up north...crazy times....to say the least....ahhh good memories
Mad World - new memories just starting
Death Cab for Cutie - Basically Danielle...what more can I say
Jericho by Hillary Duff - Thanksgiving up north....and way to long of a drive
Jesus Walks by Kanye West - Driving with Brandon to go camping in Alberta
Sweater by Wheezer - Sarah and Kev
Cats in the Kettle - Weird Al Yankovic - Gus
Soundtrack from Remember the Titans - a funeral of someone who I loved

Funny how that is.....just a few seconds of a song, and suddenly I am in an entirely different place.


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