Z SoccerChic9: Hello Alberta....
Thursday, September 14, 2006
Yesterday was interesting, to say the least. Delayed flights, extra layover in Winnipeg, holding the plane just so that I could board, and a late arrival. I love flying, I really do - but yesterday was long and exhausting. I did not eat anything all day, besides the tuna salad with five crackers thing....I thought I was going to chew the lady's arm beside me. The first flight I had a very silent lady beside me....she read a Nora book. Second flight I had a very fat lady sit beside me (I was pretty much squished into the window - I think I may still have window marks on my face:) and she read a Nora book. The last flight I had an empty front seat....till the rather creepy steward sat beside me.

But all that to say I arrived safely in Alberta, and was welcomed by the rain and cold weather. Jello, you told me you were wearing shorts still.....um, not so much last night:)

I walked into my room to find a really large room with a huge window that covers one entire end and overlooks the city. There was trays of chocolate, chocolate covered strawberries, cheese and crackers, fruit, baked goods of all kinds - and my favourite....a bottle of wine with glasses in ice. I must say, there are benefits to being a conference coordinator - for a few days everyone bows to my wishes.

I must say, I feel somewhat like royalty with my morning newspaper and food, and a comfy bed and couch, and bathrobes delivered fresh each day. Doesn't get much better then this......maybe I should plan a few more conferences:)

So yes, Jello and Nicole - lots of food for you guys when you come....cause there is no way I am going to eat it all!

Anyhow, my day starts shortly....and that is when the nervous attacks happen. Coordinating 150 people, plus speakers, and about 20 staff working under me, not to mention hotel staff and so forth. If I survive this, I think I can take on almost anything....hello fear factor:)
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