Z SoccerChic9: Take This Moment....
Sunday, August 20, 2006
There are times in life that I Just want to freeze a moment - capture it and never let it go. They are the moments when I am driving aimlessly across London in order to let my brain clear - and me thinking leads to thoughts of the important people in my life. People who have changed who I am, challenged me, cried with me, made me jump when I'm scared, put up with my baggage, made memories, and so forth. And suddenly I realized that I do not appreciate these people nearly enough. These are people I cannot live without....but do they know that.

Often I find myself watching couples, or parents with their children - and I want to shake them and tell them "Love this moment, appreciate this person, don't let them not know how you feel." You only live once, would it not be a shame if today was your last day with someone who means the world to you, and you never let them know that. Don't ever be afraid to love, even if it hurts - it is worth every moment. I know, that is weird for me to say...the girl who builds walls and was going to be a nun. But hey, nuns can love too :)
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