Z SoccerChic9: Breaking down walls
Friday, August 04, 2006
For most of my life I have lived with many walls. Each of these had various purposes and reasons, but most of them were for safety and security. I mean, you don't get hurt if you don't let people get close to you. Walls can be very efficient, when something shattering happens, you just pick up and move on with little change to your mental state. However, walls also turn you into a hermit who lives a life of solitude. I mean, you never truly know what it is to live life, because you have never let life get close to you.

It's also very hard for people to get to know you, when you have a bajillion (my new favourite word) walls all over the place. I have been trying to change this about me, as to my sucess, I can only pray that I am getting better. Learning to live life truly, without regrets, without walls.

I also have some awesome people in my life, who make me jump even when I'm scared, and are patient enough to stick around and pry the real me out from all the rubble.
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