Z SoccerChic9: Of Weddings...
Sunday, August 20, 2006
This past weekend my cousin got married. Crazy to think really, she just had turned 19, I know I never would of been ready or mature enough to get married that young, but props to her and her new husband.

One of my favourite things to do at weddings, is when the music changes for the bride to walk down the isle, and everyone stands and faces the door camera's flashing - instead of watching the bride appear for the first time, I always turn and watch the groom's reaction as he sees his bride and new wife for the first time. Over the years I have seen a vast array of emotions pass over these men's faces - as they see their most prized posession walk toward them all decked out in the glory that only a bride can possess. I've seen tears, sobbing, huge grins, and smiles that would split the earth's core if permitted.
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