Z SoccerChic9: Incredibly dumb....incredibly stupid
Thursday, May 04, 2006
So, I am having one of those days where I am acting like a complete blonde, and I am not really able to focus on anything. For example:

1. I droped the phone like three times today at work when picking it up - a little awkward when the one time it was my boss checking in......kerthump...me muttering....Good Morning....blah blah blah.....silence on the other end.....then a "uh, hi, it's Paul". Whoops.

2. I am going to drop some stuff off at the post office, I put it on top of the car - and say to Danielle, who I was driving home, "Woudn't it be funny if I forgot this on the roof and drove away"....we laugh. I get in the car, start it..and look over at Danielle who has the oddest look on her face....I say "What" she says "The roof" I was like "What roof" she says "You left the stuff on the roof". I couldn't stop laughing, like five seconds earlier I said wouldn't it be funny...then I do it. Sheesh.

3. I lock my keys in my apartment....who does that? I get out, go to get into my car and realize I don't have my house keys. My landlord is not home. I used the spare car keys I have, but I can't get into my house when I get home. I hope my landlord is home...if not.....do bobby pins open doors?

I have a bad feeling about myself now...I think I am a walking blonde hazard to humanity:)
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