Z SoccerChic9: Thursday....
Thursday, May 04, 2006
This week should be short for me, as I am only working three days due to the fact that Nick and Dax were down for the weekend. However, this week seems long, even though it is already Thursday, odd how that happens.

I am eating lasagna right now. I made it this weekend, and amazingly enough did not kill anyone with my cooking, and now I get the leftovers for lunch - fantabulous I must say...not having to cook and being able to grab something out of the fridge and run out fo the door.

After all, Nicole can tell you that I am not a morning person, as she tried to wake me up for Good Friday Service once upon a time. So making a lunch in the morning is not going to happen for me.

I had an awesome weekend hanging out with Nick and Dax, although it was rather short. I also finished season 4 of Gilmore Girls with them....rah rah!!

Tonight I am going swimming, as I may be in a triathalon next week, that could be interesting to say the least. If you don't hear back from me, I'm most likely at the bottom of the pool somewhere:)
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