Z SoccerChic9: Controvisial Issues - Part 2
Wednesday, April 26, 2006
Do you want to be radical, different, and poses and alternative lifestyle.....get married as a virgin, to someone of the opposite sex, pay your taxes, pump out some children, mow your lawn, read the Bible, and hold other Christians to a higher standard. Now a days, that is radical.

We have been taught not to judge, to be accepting of all lifestyles, not to hold people to a higher standard. I know, because I have done the same thing most of my life. I don't want to judge other people because it is not my place. I don't want to make any statements against any certain lifestyle, because after all, just because I don't do it doesn't mean everyone doesn't have to. I attempt to show "love" to people, and in doing so, I have been unfair to those around me and myself.

As Christians we are suppose to challenge those in the church - the people who called themselves Christians yet who are not following God's standards (all of us). It is not loving to sugar coat the truth just so that we don't offend anyone or step on anyone's toes. In fact, that is the very opposite of love.

Hell is a real place, and if we are not bold or challenging about what God says, the alternative is not a pleasent place. Yet we avoid the truth because it might hurt, or offend people.

I talk to myself when saying: Show how much you love those around you by being honest.
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