Z SoccerChic9: New faces
Wednesday, April 05, 2006
So, I've recently made some more friends, even though the entire moving down here and not knowing anyone experience has made new friends quite a regular occurrence. Some of these new friends though, they blog, so I've added them to my links just so that you guys all think I'm cool cause I have cool friends!! Though, I am thinking maybe they took me on as a charity case so that they would get a better place in heaven and all:)

Some of these people are really funny and made me laugh, a lot. They play sports, which makes me excited cause it's been quite a while since I've played tackle football and the likes.

Also, one of them is a Liberal...but I can't tell you which one because then that person might never see the light of day down here again. But I must say, it was definitely the first Liberal I met down here in Alberta, and I think my jaw dropped a little when I found out!

Julea is the girl that works out with me at the gym - and it was her birthday last night. Nicole is the one who tackles me even when the play is over - but she has a nice house and said I could move into a room if I wanted. Tyson has cool hair, and he knows how to make Jell-O really fast in the freezer. Matt, well it's best if you just stay away from Matt if you can help it, he has cooties. Josh also has cool hair, and a cool van.

There are more people, honest I swear:) But, they don't blog so much, so I can't add them to my links.

Anyhow, meet my Alberta friends!
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