Z SoccerChic9: Controvisial Issues - Part 1
Wednesday, March 01, 2006
There are some issues in life that we tend to skirt around. Perhaps because we don't really know how to deal with them, we have been taught tolerance and complacence most of our life and we don't want to rock the boat, or perhaps because we've never thought about them before.

I think that homosexuality is one of these such issues. I know for me personally, I haven't really been exposed to the issue in great depth. When I moved here to Medicine Hat, I was living in a house that had a gay man living in the basement. This man had a boyfriend who he was planning on moving in with and he was very open and comfortable with his lifestyle. Now for me, this was the first time that I was in such close proximity for an extended period of time with someone who was homosexual. The only contact I had before this point was random couples on the street, or the gay agenda that is put forth through the media. For me it brought to the surface a lot of questions, such as how does one, as a Christian, practically deal with such a situation.

We are taught in the Bible that homosexuality goes against God's design for human beings, and that it is wrong. Now, I agree with that completely, however, I do believe that Christians on a whole (generalization here) do not know how to practically live out that belief, and as a result many people who are homosexual have been hurt and damaged by the church. Many of us have friends who are not married and are living together, and we treat them with dignity as human beings, even though we may disagree with their lifestyle. However, when the subject of gay people comes up, we get uncomfortable, faces turn red, bodies shift as an awkward silence envelops the room - or we try to rid the tension by cracking a joke about gay people. Either way, I believe we have missed the point of what Christ has called us to do.

We are not called to judge - discern but not judge - it is not our position here on earth. Besides, we have enough to worry about in our own lives without pointing the finger and passing judgement on those around us.

So, how is a Christian suppose to lovingly build relationships with those who are homosexual? I believe love is the main emotion that should be shown towards these people. Get to know who they are, become part of their lives, laugh with them, cry when things go bad, and be there as a friend. Just because you are showing love does not mean you condone their lifestyle. There will be opportunities for you to express how you disagree with their lifestyle in a loving and supportive way when the situation presents itself.

I applaud churches who have homosexual ministries, who welcome homosexual's with open arms. I admire the people who welcome these human beings into their lives and show them Christ one step at a time through their love that overflows into these people's lives.

Love, I think this is the answer - simple to write, hard to live out.
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