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Saturday, January 28, 2006
but it's been kinda crazy keeping it that way:) Work is busier than ever, I didn't know that was quite possible, but it is, though I am collecting some very nice overtime hours and have decided I think I'll go visit B.C. while I'm down here with them. The girl I work with is from B.C. and not only does she have enough connections for me to be royally pampered while down there, she has also been selling me on how great a place it is. Besides, she has some guys she knows who can teach me how to surf, it doesn't get much better than that....it would mean one of the things I want to do before I die being checked off my list!!

I did my first conference this week, which means I stood up and gave a speal on what my office does and so forth, I think it went okay based on the fact that no one threw anything...but then again, these were nice homeschoolers who most likely wouldn't hurt a flea, so I can't really be sure. I have another conference coming up next weekend, in SK, and it's rather larger and such, so that could be interesting to say the least. But hey, I love it, meeting people and learning about their views on life and schooling and such. It's funny, because my perspective is being challenged, and there are times when I sit there or speak and I forget I was homeschooled, it feels like a different world in some ways. Though I must say, I am inspired by these woman who devote themselves so fully to something they believe in.

I'm packing again, my roommate has an international student coming to stay with us, and she's a few weeks early, so I'm packing up my stuff this weekend as we try to cram the three of us into the house...should be interesting, and I hope the student is not clasterphobic. I'll be staying this next week at my boss' house as he is gone for the week, and then a few more weeks before I get my own place...and after living out of a box for the previous three months, I think I may like that!!
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