Z SoccerChic9: I'm leaving on a jet plane...
Sunday, January 15, 2006
well, that is the theme song for tonight and tomorrow morning. It's wierd, in some ways three weeks just flew by, in other ways it was almost too long cause I hung out with my friends and family and it just makes me get kinda attached and all. I'm looking forward to going back, really I am....however, I am leaving for good now and it's kinda sad in some ways.

My parents threw a kinda party tonight after church, I huged many people and I am quite sure that my smile is permanantly glued in place, and will be for the rest of the month or something. You know what's odd....I never cry when I want to or when it would be acceptable if I did, however, when I really don't want to cry because it would be an inconvinience, that is when it happens. I'm so wierd.

So yah, I haven't packed yet and I fly out tomorrow, so guess what I'm doing tonight...that's right not packing.
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