Z SoccerChic9: You'll never guess what happened...
Friday, January 20, 2006
So, Leina (my roommate) and I had been looking forward to our baked potato for two whole days now. We had this master plan which involved spaces in both our schedule to run out and meet up at Wendy's and order a baked potato with butter (and chives...cause that's healthy). So, I'm rushing around getting stuff done, I take off from work to meet up at the local Wendy's (yes we only have one....you can stop laughing now:), and guess what. They were closed due to a fire. I think I started crying right by the doorstep and throwing various objects at the windows.

Do not, I repeat, do not ever take a baked potato away from someone who is only eating vegtable soup. It was a very very sad day in my young life.

So, we had to run to the grocery store and buy potatoes and go home and make them (I know, an entire 6 minutes in the micowave, it's gonna kill me:).

So yah, I had a baked potato...I hate Wendy's:)
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