Z SoccerChic9: Things that bother me...
Monday, September 20, 2004
1. Slow drivers in the fast lane.
2. People who are down on themselves and have no reason to be.
3. Overly critical people.
4. When someone empties the butter dish and doesn't fill it.
5. Cocky people.
6. People who make up their mind about something and then don't even listen to your viewpoint.
7. People who are never wrong.
8. When computers just seem to hate you for some unknown reason and do wierd things.
9. When I am not content, especially cause I have every reason to be.
10.Boys who line up at the end of the hallway just to watch the girls who pass (I always pick my nose:)
11.When I freak out over nothing.
12.The fact that I am still scared to go into the basement when it is dark out.
13.How hard it is to trust people some days. Especially when they deserve it all and you still don't trust them.
14.When I am jealous over stupid things.
15.When I have extra time and instead of doing Devo's I read a magazine or watch t.v..
16.The fact that I haven't gone for a run or to the gym for a while.
17.I haven't wrote a good poem for a while.
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