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Monday, September 20, 2004
Weekends are great, I love them. Though I did spend most of my weekend doing homework, I still enjoyed the break. Shana was over for the weekend, that produced some crazy times. She makes me laugh - though her pink socks kinda worry me:)

My new soccer team is shaping up - that is always a positive thing. I hate doing the cuts though - it really sucks to have to tell a kid they didn't make the team. Things like that can be quite tramatizing for children - not cool. One of the negitives of coaching. Positive side of it though, is you can cut that kid who was so annoying, talked back to you, and picked on the rest of the kids no matter how many laps you made him run - that is my evil side coming out:)

It was so cold this morning, I wore socks and shoes. This is a miracle for anyone who knows me:)
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