Z SoccerChic9: Grace
Sunday, August 22, 2004
I think we often tend to underestimate the grace of God, or have a warped perspective on the subject. I think we never will truly understand it since we are human, but it is a very comforting aspect of the nature of God. K, it is kinda like this:

If your six year old son was brutally murdered by some man, and the law found the killer.

If you were to seek him out and brutally murder him - that would be revenge.
If you were to let the court system convict him and sentence him to prison or possibly death sentence - that would be justice.
But, if you were to take him into your home, forgive him and treat him as one of your family - that is grace.

As much as it seems impossible to truly forgive someone who has taken so much away from you and then on top of it treat him as a family member - God does this every day. We brutally murdered His son, despised the person who did everything for us, and returned to our sinful ways - yet God, takes us in, forgives us and treats us as one of his own children. That is true grace. And it is that which continues to amaze me.

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