Z SoccerChic9: 2 1/2 more days!!
Wednesday, August 04, 2004
Well, I finshed two exams this morning, I think I have two tomorrow and one Friday. So, this is a good thing I guess. Last night I won a soccer game and tied the other one. It is great cause the kids are definately improving and it's always nice to see your work paying off. I also got to see my sister last night which is always good!

I learned from my sister, who is presently on horse staff at camp, that horses can get sun burns. This was news to me.

Something that bugs me is how our language has been abused. There are words that have been twisted and now have negitive conontations when really they shouldn't. For example - submission. The word it self causes my "femenist" blood to boil. It is not that I disagree with submission, just that we have abused the word so that it means something entirely different. I hate it when people abuse their power. Though in trying to escape this "abusive" submission, I sometimes jump into the opposite ditch and entirely miss the point. Silly I guess.
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