Z SoccerChic9: My week so far.
Friday, August 27, 2004
Well, at the beginning of this week Bep and I decided to go camping for a few days since we both had time off. So, after spending Tuesday night watching a movie at the theatre and then watching CSI till 3:00 in the morning:); we packed up and left early Wednesday morning. We invited my mom, Esther, and Grace to come and they did.

It was really nice and sunny Wednesday, so we spent the day at the beach - which I happened to gain some colour from. Thursday it was kinda cloudy - we spent a lot of time sleeping and reading - it was very relaxing. At night Bep and I went for a walk at the beach - it was absolutely beautiful!! This morning it was cloudy/sunny - we cleaned up camp - went to the beach for a while then out for lunch and home.

So, that was the last few days for me. I don't know if I could camp for an extended period of time, but 2 1/2 days was a perfect length to relax and reflect.

Tonight I am heading off to a Ti-cat game, then tomorrow will be spent packing for Tamarack and most likely running off every once in a while to get some stuff. It is all good. I am looking forward to camp - gotta work on the beauty sleep so that I can attract some boys - NOT, So not interested in looking for boys. All for the nun dream:) But, I have to look tough in order to scare away all the boys from my sister. Should be a tough job - I may have to bring my machine gun:) Sorry boys - she is not available.
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