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Tuesday, September 14, 2004
It all started with one step, a step made in innocence. There was a requirement this semester - an elective. Everyone was required to attend an elective class. The problem: registration complications forced many people to take a class they weren't interested in. Mary gets put into Canadian Politics. This is great, a nice lecture in a friendly environment, some homework, and I have the privilege of broadening my knowledge - it's all good.

Well, I attended the class today - I am afraid that we may be producing heart patients instead of political knowledge. I think all the opinionated people were signed up for this class. In all my time at Mohawk I have not seen people so close to killing each other over minor details. We have a few Conservitives, well just the few who dared mention their standings and are forever now facing the majorities wrath. Many Liberals who are well, very liberal. And the inbetween groups.

Let's just say - class will never be nothing but interesting. And I will never forget the look on the guy in my group's face when his firey opponant called him sweetie:)
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