Z SoccerChic9: Things I love....
Monday, September 20, 2004
Well, I can't put a post on about things that bother me if I don't mention some of the things that I love.

1. Thanksgiving up North.
2. Rain drops falling.
3. The first snow fall.
4. Hanging with my friends.
5. An early morning run with the sun rising.
6. My family.
7. Those moments were time seems to have stopped and you are in awe.
8. A deep conversation with someone I care about.
9. The millions of moments I want to freeze when you are there.
10. Causing someone to smile.
11. When despite how horrible I am God creates amazing things for me, i.e. a rainbow, awesome friend, sunset, etc..
12. A campfire.
13. Freshly cut grass, liquid skies, and a street light.
14. Fall - as in the season:)
15. Playing Tony Hawk every once in a while with my brothers.
16. My most awesome sister.
17. Coaching soccer - most days:)
18. When you are working on something in your life, and one day you wake up and you finally notice progress!!
19. Taking time to do devo's and then wondering why you ever skipped them cause it makes you feel a million times better.
20. The friend who takes the time to really find out how you are doing.
21. My feather duvet!!
22. The Ancaster Fair - definately trying to hit the demolition derby this Friday night with my brothers!!
23. Freshly baked bread.
24. When you write a poem - and then you actually like it two days later!
25. Finally doing things that you've always wanted to do!!
26. Dreaming big - and never stopping!
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