Z SoccerChic9: Day Eight: Never stay in Nanimo again...
Wednesday, July 25, 2007
We had a wonderful day driving across the island. Of course there was lots of rain involved, as it had rained the entire time we were in B.C. pretty much. After a few stops at random places along the way...we decided to stay at a hotel near the ferry so that we could get an early start on the day. Well, we pull up to this hotel, and they gave us a great room rate, so we thought we'd go for it. We obviously forgot to read the small print on the contract that said "This hotel allows creepy 50-year-old men to stay in our rooms and bother our girl guests."

Well, we start to unload our car, only to notice that the room next to us has the door open, and is sitting in his bed watching us with his shirt off. Slightly weird if you ask me...but it is B.C., who knows...maybe that's normal. We get into our room, and Jello looks out the window to see this guy walking around our car and looking in it.

We decide to run out and get some supper, and creepy old man is standing on his front step watching us...but not saying anything. The moment we get into the car and go to leave the parking lot, he goes back into his room. Being subtle was obviously not his major in school.

We return, turn on the tv, get comfortable on our bed while eating..and suddenly there is a knock at the door. We both kind of freeze...and then Jello goes to look through the peep hole. Sure enough...creepy old man is standing at our door knocking. We didn't answer. In fact we both sat on the bed and looked at each other, and said "I'm not getting that." After three knocks he disapears. We then pushed the chair and luggage in front of the door and settled down for the night. He made a lot fo noise during the night, and called our room...but we managed to wake up alive. Thank you Jesus.

After leaving in the morning without seeing him...we made the combined decision, that we will never stay in Nanimo again, or at the hotel called "Departure Bay."

I am alive. The end.


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