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Friday, April 13, 2007
So, the story goes like this...last night I came home from work, and as I was walking down my stairs, I noticed that the cover to the small cubby hole that holds the sun pump was off, and the light was on inside. I thought that to be rather odd, as I am the only one who uses the back door entrance, so I peaked in side to see if I could find out why it was open - only to come face-to-face with a racoon. I am proud of myself for not screaming, and also for getting into my house with him sitting there watching me. I talked to him about how mean it would be to jump at me and attack me, and he seemed to understand because he didn't make a move to bite my ankles.

I soon realized that Bob had no intentions of leaving his new home, and either I would have to get him to sign a lease agreement (which of course included a clause about him not attacking me when I walked by), or he would have to leave. The problem being, he was cornered, and I had no way of getting behind him to get him out. I did consider attempting to pick him up while he was sleeping, but it looked like he hadn't cut his nails in quite some time, and I rather not live my life with half my face missing because I was that dumb girl who thought she could pick up a racoon.

Now, I feel girly admitting this, but Ryan and Riley are certified racoon removers...or at least that's what they convinced me of, and since Bob wouldn't leave for me, even though I asked him nicely, they came over to help me out. Poor Bob, he really didn't want to leave, but after some gentle convincing, and Bob showing us his ninja skills, he chased Ryan up the stairs and across the patio...and then high-tailed over to the neighbour's house.

I was sure I'd walk out the door this morning and be greeted by Bob and his entire clan coming back for avengance, but I didn't see him around this morning. So, either he is plotting for some time this weekend, when Jello comes to visit, or he was scarred enough to never come back. I'm hoping for the later.

On a side note - Jello comes tomorrow, and I am so excited...you have no idea, it's been the high light of my life for like the last two months, and I cannot wait to spend time with her!!

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