Z SoccerChic9: The Deer and I
Saturday, July 01, 2006
During my whole 34 hour driving stint, I almost died twice. Now since none of these were my fault, I figure I can tell the story here without feeling like a silly female driver who is crazy behind a wheel!

I had just recently crossed the border from SK into the States. I was driving within 10k of the speed limit (120), and just as I was crossing this bridge with lots of grass on the sides - a deer jumped out in front of me, about 10 feet. I hit the breaks, cause it was the chance of missing him, or having fresh deer meat mashing into my grill. I took my chances with the missing part, in retrospect, I should of just hit him.

The moment I hit the breaks, my car caught some kind of momentum, and I spun out, on a bridge, in a complete circle. I missed the sides of the bridge by just inches, and when my car finally stopped spinning, I was facing the right way on the road with the smell of burning rubber all around me. It was then that I realized I had been screaming the entire time "No God, please no" and I hadn't even realized it.

It was kind of crazy. I am thinking of writing President Bush about the deer situation in his country :)

I hope there is a deer out there right now who has learned it's lesson about jumping in front of fast moving vehicles!
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