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Tuesday, September 21, 2004
I was walking through the parking lot this morning, on my way into school. Now, due to the large amounts of students attending Mohawk at the moment, I have to park quite a ways away, even though I come in at 8:40ish in the morning. One of the obstacles I have to encounter is a fence of sorts. It is a chain fence that drapes across the parking lot. Now, there is a walkway through it, or you can jump/step over it. Well, since I used to be good at high jumping, I jump over it, back pack and all.

This normally works fine, but for some reason today, wether it was my backpack being extra heavy, the fact that I was wearing a skirt, or the parking lot being especially full of walking students at the moment - I am not sure which one, things didn't work so well. As I did a graceful run up to the fence and prepared to leap over it, my foot hit an oil spot on the pavement. Instead of sailing over the fence I became entangled and ended up looking like a pregnant caribou trying to dance.

During my flight, my book bag (which unfortunately was open) spewed books all over the parking lot. Students stopped to stare, and the sea gulls laughed from the side-lines. To say the least my face was slightly red after I untangled myself from my skirt and picked up my books, all the while trying to maintain an air of confidence and dignity - something which is hard to do after a show like that:)

But, nothing could prepare me for what came next. I felt my head and it really hurt, and blood was trickling down the side of my face. I walked into school, trying to pretend that people always walk in to school with blood on their face and a ripped skirt that, according to conservitive standards, was anything but decent at the moment.

I rushed into the bathroom to see the damage one look in the mirror and I almost cried. Someone had lost the Mercedes logo off the front of their car and it must of been lying in my path of quick desent. There embedded into my forehead was a Mercedes symbol. And by embedded, I do mean embedded. Not to mention the gravel marks on my face and my skinned nose.

Well, I endured a few jokes about my choices of skin emplantments/tattoos during my short walk to my classroom and my teacher tried her best to be sympathetic, but that resulted in hysterical laughter.

Just when I wanted to slide under the desk, a beeping noise erupted. I turned around only to realize my alarm clock was going off. It was 8:00, my morning hadn't even begun yet.
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