Z SoccerChic9: My day...
Tuesday, September 21, 2004
Canadian Politics class is kinda interesting. At least today no one lost their heads. Though sometimes I am wondering what the heck is our government thinking somedays. Like signing the free world trade agreement with the clause in it saying that we always have to supply the States with energy and such even if we are running out. Mexico was even smarter then us when signing this.

You know what was wierd today - two guys held open the door for me. That is the first time it has even happened to me, despite me being here since May. Also the first time I have even seen guys hold open the door for a girl. I was kinda shocked.

Somehow the sound of keyboards clicking has become like the sound track of my life and the computer screen the back drop:) I think I may be going mental in this place:o

I walked outside today on one of my breaks and it is the most beautiful day. I love it - this fall weather!! Anyhow, I have a few hours to kill in which I hope to accomplish some homework, and eat the pasta my mom bought for me from the Outback!!
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