Z SoccerChic9: Was it enough?
Wednesday, May 09, 2007
Do you ever wonder if you did enough? Three people I know died this Monday, all unexpected. One was a man that lives just across the street from my parents, I used to help him and his wife out all the time. The other was a father and son, who got killed in a head on collision. The common thread that they shared, was not only the day they died on, but the fact that they were all not Christians.

It's always moments like that in which you ask yourself, did I do enough. At least, those are the questions I ask myself. I had the same questions cross my mind when my friend committed suicide earlier this year. It makes me wonder if I'm living out my faith passionately enough. If, I'm getting involved in the lives of those around me and making a difference. Or if I've just become comfortable in the here and now, not looking forward or outward, but becoming so focused on myself that I miss the opportunities that are presented to me.

When was the last time you shared your faith with someone? When was the last time you stopped and helped someone around you? When was the last time you accepted someone into your life, even though they annoyed you?


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