Z SoccerChic9: This is the story...
Tuesday, November 07, 2006
Today I am pretending it is Thursday, because that means the weekend is a whole lot closer. I think I perform better when I pretend it's a different day of the week, because my mindset is all in the weekend zone and not the fact that it's really not even near the weekend yet.

However, all that to give back ground to my story...

On this beautiful Thursday morning, in which the weather is quite nice considering it is November, and I do not need mittens to drive to work...I decided to take the pasta I had made to work for lunch today. Now, this seems rather uneventful...except the fact that the pasta decided to make a guest appearance inside my car. You see, I had put the pasta on the dashboard, and as I squealed around the corner on my two tires in order to make a yellow light (well, the squealing two tires might be a slight exaggeration) I watched in horror as my pasta slid along the dashboard in slow motion, hit the floor and exploded. When I say exploded, I mean red pasta sauce flying through the air and landing on anything and everything that it could possibly land on (which may be a slight exaggeration because I noticed later that in my CD player there was not pasta sauce).

Now the sad part was that there was nothing I could do, as I was driving. So, I just watched this horrific display with my mouth open (to catch the extra pasta of course) like a person who is seeing a car crash unfold in front of them and they just can't turn away.

So, I now smell like pasta sauce, my car will forever smell like pasta sauce...and this is the story of my beautiful Thursday morning. (By the way...it just started raining...I think it's a sign).


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