Z SoccerChic9: On the road again..
Wednesday, November 01, 2006
So, instead of leaving work at 4:30 today, I found out that I was spending the weekend in Ottawa and Quebec for work. So, instead of going to the gym tonight (my flubbies are starting to hate me) I worked till almost 8:00 trying to get my schedule in place for the next few crazy insane overscheduled days. Ah well, my suitcase was getting to comfortable in my closet...so yes, packing again.

Well, hopefully the weather is nice, and I get to be pampered by various hotels who want my business...so far all my lunches this week have been hotels feeding me while trying to impress me. I also got two box seat tickets to a Knights hockey game from one of the hotels, because they want me. Bawwahahaha, nothing like being spoiled. I should be rich...I could get used to this :)


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