Z SoccerChic9: Random Reflections
Sunday, January 01, 2006
Isn't it funny how so much can change in a year, and yet you can be in the exact same place doing almost the exact same thing. I have yet to figure out if that is a positive thing, or if perhaps on the flip side of the coin it's a negitive spot. Are circles a good thing, or are they a reflection of bad decisions and unmade or unfollowed choices?

You're ignoring me again, same as before...it's almost like clockwork the way the pieces line up and the puzzle fits. Sometimes I don't know what is up and what's down, it's like some confusing jumble in which everything got shook up and I don't know where the light is coming from. I am sure Coldplay is running in the back ground "No one ever said that life was easy, but they never said it would be this hard". That song is so my theme song right now.

You're confused, so am I...pats on everyone's back that we've all discovered that life does not come wrapped up into a neat little package with a ribbon on the top. At least some of us are in the same boat...where we say such things as "You don't always know God's plan, but it's when you look back" or "Life isn't easy, but it's worth it". I've said those things myself, not just to you, to many people, I don't know if it helps.

We've returned to the same wall, and once again it's me, not you. And I don't know what to say, because I'm not sure there's anything I can say.
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