Z SoccerChic9: The people here...
Wednesday, December 07, 2005
are extremely nice, and by that I do mean extremely. I am wondering if it has to do with the fact that Alberta is more rural, and people in less populated places tend to have that small town appeal in which you know almost everyone, and everyone knows your parents and your parents parents. However, with Medicine Hat running at about 55,000 people, it's not so much a small town as one might think. However, everyone is extremely friendly, despite their brutal honesty when it comes to their opinons or politics:)

For instance, the other day my car was at the shop because it has a cold, and Amanda (a girl that I work with and have now known for just over a week) offered out of the blue to go drive me across town to pick of my vehicle. It was when I was half way there I realized I didn't have my cheques, the moment she heard that, she offered to pay for it and I could just reimburse her when I had the money.

Such instances are not odd in any way - every one is just so friendly and helpful it's crazy...I just have to work on not feeling horrible when people do stuff for me.
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