Z SoccerChic9: Politics in Alberta
Saturday, December 03, 2005
There are some things I have to adjust to here, one of them is politics. Down here in Alberta, everyone is very involved in politics, they also are extremely conservitive on a whole, and very open about what they think on the politics level. I have to get used to this, as almost every conversation I have with people will eventually come to politics and them telling me exactly what they think about the Liberals...most times it involves high blood pressures, talk of guns, and Alberta seperating.

Alberta also hates Ontario...so the moment that I mention I am from Ontario the reactions are amusing to say the least. In fact, if the liberals were to get into government again this election time coming up, Alberta would seriously consider spliting off from our country. And, due to the fact that they are debt free pretty much and have a nice surplus, they could pull it off....after all, what is Ontario going to do, send down their army?

So, I am adjusting to talking politics and not worrying about steping on people's toes...after all, there are many questions in regards to how stupid Ontario can be, and why is that. I really have no answers to these staunch conservitives who are baffled at our stupidity when it comes to Politics.

See, I told you there are some great things down here, talking politics is one of them!!
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