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Monday, October 04, 2004
I always thought the worst feeling in the world was hurting someone that you cared about. I think you can add to that; being hurt by someone you care about. Betrayal by someone that means something to you - really, really hurts. Like you get the phone call, read the e-mail, hear the words - your hearts stops and something cuts deep deep down. It is not cool, in so many ways.

On a more positive note; tomorrow is a new day, today is the beginning of a new week, somethings are better lost, yadda yadda:)

I went to Toronto Church yesterday (which was the first time actually - wierd), and afterwards took part in the silent protest against abortion. I was actually surprised at how supportive Toronto was. I got the finger twice and that was as negitive as it gets. When I used to do it in Brantford people would get livid; totally different then what I saw yesterday.

Though, as I stood there, I watched people's faces, their eyes. It is sad and amazing at the same time. Sad that we have declined so far as a nation; amazing that God hasn't struck us down with lightning yet.

Something that has frusterated me as of late is the fact that our circles seem to not evangelize. Now I know there are a lot of people doing it personally - and I respect and admire that greatly - but I do think the church needs to do it as a whole body. The hard thing not to do though, for me, is to sit back and critize. Really, if I am not doing anything about it personally, my critizing words don't have much weight.

Sometimes I wonder if God looks down from heaven and cries; cause we as churches get divided over the color of carpets, or the organ, or other petty matters. It is sad really. Where is the love and unity. Where is giving a little or going the extra mile? Sometimes we seem to get so caught up in the small matters that we miss the entire big picture. I do it all the time.
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