Z SoccerChic9: Tuesday has just flown by
Tuesday, September 28, 2004
I sit here, assembling what seems like the fiftieth Statement of Claim, with backpage and Notice. Actually is is more like the fifth. Today - we had a pop-quiz on Statements of Claim and it was so easy I almost felt like I must be missing something. My teacher assured me and my friend that everything was fine - we were just quick at grasping things. Although these words mean nothing to you - it is quite exciting to be learning all this law "stuff"!

My fourth week is going well - I am almost completely caught up on my homework which is quite a miracle considering the amounts they pour onto us. Though I am sure with the holiday coming up they will give us a whole lot more.

Canadian Politics test coming up - I think it is going to be hard - there are a whole lot of terms to be memorized. Grrr.

I think I am losing my imagination - this is a very sad thing. Sometimes I think maybe we are all becoming robots and soon I will be just another face in the sea of faces, without a mind, and brainwashed by our society. So sad I tell you.
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