Z SoccerChic9: Friday..
Friday, October 01, 2004
I could be at a soccer tournament today...but I am not, such is the life of a student who pretends to be dedicated:) My week has absolutely flown by, it seems like yesterday was Monday, it is crazy.

Coke came out with a new brand - C2, half the calories, half the carbohydrates. This helps me justify drinking it more often. Not good really, cause if I drink twice as many cokes now, I am really doing the same thing as when I had one coke. Sheesh, now I am feeling guilty:)

I have a ton of homework this weekend, crazy really, but at least I have some time to hopefully get it all done. Some major projects coming up, they are kinda cool but take a lot of work.

Library just bought a whole bunch of new flat screen computers - pretty cool I say. Anytime you guys want a tour of my school, I can show you all the cool places. Though, I did get lost this week, in my own school, which I have been attending for a couple of months. Sad really. I think I lost my ingrained compass when my mom dropped me as a child:)

Hope you guys all have a great weekend planned!
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