Z SoccerChic9: It has started..
Tuesday, September 28, 2004
I am slowly beginning to lose my mind. At first it wasn't noticable - I just accepted the changes and blamed them on my old age:) But, it has become noticable, noticable to the point of scaring me. I have begun to talk to myself. I know this must be one of the top signs that someone is going crazy. The wierd thing is that I don't even notice it.

I was sitting in a lab today - quietly minding my own business when something from the outer world tapped me. It was Cheryl, she asked me why I was talking out loud. I was unsure of what she was talking about until I realized a few minutes later that I was actually talking out-loud in the middle of class. Then the truth hit me - I was talking to my computer, I was on the road to becoming brainwashed. The horrible disease had affected my feeble mind.

And that is not the worst of it. My weekends are spent with a computer, my fingers have become shaped in a keyboard shape and my hands are always in a semi-bent position. My nightmares are late assignments, and missing school.

I think I am becoming insane.
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