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Tuesday, October 05, 2004
Well, a little over an hour ago I walked into my Canadian Politics test and found out it was worth 33% of my final mark. I almost turned around and left - gross really. I hope I did okay, nothing like creating bull for answers you don't know:)

I bought a new lock last night, so people you can all be proud cause I can finally open up my locker by myself without the help of Cheryl. This is a great day in my young life!!

Cheryl called me a cat today - well actually we were sitting in a lab and I asked her if this was the season to be shedding hair since I am wearing a black sweatshirt and it had hair on it. And she said to me, only if you are a cat. Shocking huh:)

I am killing three hours - during which I hope to get all my homework done that I can and prepare myself for my three hour evening class:(
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