Z SoccerChic9: Of crazy times...
Thursday, December 21, 2006
Last night was our office Christmas party at The Keg. Now, I'm not a huge steak fan, but I'll take Filet Mignon cooked at medium any day of the week really. So yummy. Though, all this Christmas eating is not good - and going back to the gym in January is going to be brutal I tell you :)

In exciting news, our former executive director and senior legal counsel from my office (retired in 2004)was appointed to be a judge, and I am extremely happy for him - but also extremely jealous. To be a judge would be the ultimate job to me, of course it would be in the Supreme Court, because that's going to happen any day now:)

In other news, I almost got in an accident last night. I was driving normally and nicely down the road (most likely a miracle just in and of it's self) and this car decided to change lanes without checking his mirror's - we missed each other by inches, and I actually honked on time this time, instead of 30 seconds after the fact. Thankfully he was able to serve back into his lane, and I was able to miss him and the hydro pole beside me. Sheesh.

Well people, today is my last day of work before I get a few days off - enjoy the food!!


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